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Golden Oldies Rugby is especially for players aged 35 and over. It provides enjoyment for players of all abilities and focuses on participation rather than winning. While still demonstrating all those skills acquired in years gone by, Golden Oldies Rugby provides an opportunity for more mature players to continue to enjoy the on and off pitch elements of the sport at a more relaxed pace as the years go by.

Rugby has created an exceptional global fraternity and this is happily inherent in the Golden Oldies movement. It is 'grassroots footy' and traditional rugby friendship for those 35 years and over.



World Festivals are held every two years in some of the best tourism, sporting and lifestyle destinations - South Africa, England, France, Ireland, Australia, USA, Argentina, Japan and New Zealand have all experienced the 'Fun, Friendship and Fraternity' a Rugby Festival brings with it.

The name ‘Golden Oldies’ does not mean your team cannot play rugby to the best of its ability or to your team’s strengths. Teams are drawn against others that reflect the level of play your team nominates, from competitive to social and anywhere in between. Age is no barrier – once you have reached the age of 35, the Golden Oldies world is your oyster!.

In Australia, for more information please contact Allan Forno, Chairman of the Australian Rugby Golden Oldies (ARGO).

Phone (02) 99805692  or 0419233098, Email or simply visit the website  

The Golden Oldies movement is co-ordinated under the auspice's of Vintage Sports Leisure in New Zealand. For those interested in participating in the next festival or forming a team, guidelines are provided in the form of a Team Manager’s Manual. Destination videos, brochures, posters, news briefs and other publicity material are also available.

For more information on the Golden Oldies movement and family of festivals please contact:


Golden Oldies Rugby

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Golden Oldies Rugby UK and Europe

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